Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Dockworkers at Port of Liverpool set to go on strike this month

As the United Kingdom recovers from the effects following the strike at the Port of Felixstowe, dockworkers at the Port of Liverpool are set to go on strike this month.

On September 19, more than 560 dockworkers will put down their tools and go on strike. It will go on until October 3.

The plan for a strike comes after dockworkers voted last month to go ahead with strike action over pay and working conditions.

Unite trade union, which represents the workers, said the 7% pay raise Peel Ports offered to workers was not enough to compensate for the 12.3% inflation rate in the UK. Meanwhile, Peel Ports said if offered an 8.3% pay offer.

The announcement for the strike comes after a strike at the Port of Felixstowe ended over a similar issue. While shipping delays in relation to the strike are still being calculated, hundreds of millions of dollars were expected to be lost due to the disruptions.

This latest blow to the UK supply chain could have similar effects, as the Port of Liverpool is one of the largest ports in Britain.

The strike also comes at a time when retailers are gearing up for the holidays, leading to some concern about if there will be enough goods on shelves in time for the holiday season.



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