Sunday, September 24, 2023

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ONE announces Marine Safety and Quality Campaign 2022 

Today, the Ocean Network Express (ONE) announced a new Safety and Quality Campaign to mitigate marine accidents further and raise safety awareness. The campaign will operate from August 8th to September 30th, 2022. 

As a result of Covid precautions and shipping delays, ONE had a difficult time conducting its Vessel Quality Standard (ONE-VQS) physical inspections on board-operated vessels worldwide. As the Network struggled with reviews, it launched a rigorous self-inspection campaign last year. 

The campaign for this year emphasizes repeating observations from prior years and incorporates best practices from ONE’s inspection database. The campaign theme is: “Safety Consciousness– A Step Ahead.”

The main focuses of this year’s campaign will hone in on: contacting the ships to offer any beneficial shipside techniques, describing reoccurring issues raised during previous vessel inspections, and lastly, sharing the exemplary practices found from previous vessel inspections on ONE-operated boats. All ships operated by ONE will be asked to critique the new campaign, and the organization will study their insightful comments. 

ONE is sure that this year’s campaign will contribute to creating a safer working environment and raising safety awareness on ONE-operated vessels. Additionally, the campaign will help ONE reassure clients that its services are always dependable and secure.

The new initiative aims to assure ONE customers through its campaign that ONE consistently offers safe and dependable services. With the proper crew and captain collaboration, the Network seeks to raise more safety awareness while raising the quality of its vessel standards. 

This year’s campaign seeks to contribute to creating a better working system while expanding awareness of safety aboard ONE-operated vessels.



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