Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Iran will respond to EU’s nuclear text by midnight on Monday

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian directly responded to the European Union’s (EU) “final” draft text today. He said that Iran would have an answer to the EU’s “final” draft text that coils save a 2015 nuclear deal by midnight on Monday, calling for the US to be accommodating in settling the three unresolved issues.

There are no apparent or straightforward measures to control Iran’s nuclear program other than the deal formed in 2015, under which Iran limited its atomic development in exchange for relief from US, UN, and EU economic sanctions. 

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell definitively took to Twitter, saying, “What can be negotiated has been negotiated, and it’s now in a final text. However, behind every technical issue and every paragraph lies a political decision that needs to be taken in the capital.”

After Former US President Donald Trump abandoned the deal in 2018, the American leader attempted to use economic pressure on Iran to stall its nuclear program. To Trump’s surprise, the country regained its independence by selling oil to China and India.

After roughly a year, Iran started breaking the terms of the nuclear agreement by building up a greater stockpile of enriched uranium, enriching it to 60% purity (far beyond the pact’s 3.67% cap), and utilizing more advanced centrifuges.

Iranian leaders continue to be persuaded by Russia and its invasion of Ukraine and Moscow’s widespread backing for Tehran that they can afford to hold off on the deal thanks to the surge in oil prices.

The EU is the coordinator of Iran’s nuclear negotiations with world powers and announced last week that it had presented a “final” draft after four days of indirect talks between US and Iranian officials in Vienna after 16 months of fitful, indirect U.S.-Iranian talks.

Amirabdollahian’s response to the draft left many world leaders and civilians alike with a looming question of what Iran’s ulterior could be. According to Iran’s Fars news agency, the Iranian Foreign Minister stated, “failure to revive the pact would not be the end of the world…We will need more talks if Washington does not show flexibility for resolving three remaining issues,” the leader added, “Like Washington, we have our own plan B if the talks fail.”

Amirabdollahian said the coming days were crucial.

There are no indications that Iran will comply with or accept the proposed EU text. While statements made by the US confirmed the country is prepared to reach an agreement based on the EU’s suggestions promptly,  is reading the document, and will reply “as asked.” 

The decision will weigh heavy on US President Biden’s mind as the nuclear deal is a non-binding political understanding, not a legally binding treaty.

Speaking under the veil of anonymity, a European diplomat claimed to Reuters that both parties were willing to “endure the status quo.” As a senior Iranian diplomat confirmed his country held a vantage point before adding that Iran is in no rush to resolve the 2015 nuclear deal: “We are selling our oil, we have fair trade with many countries, including neighboring countries, we have our friends like Russia and China that both are at odds with Washington … our (nuclear) program is advancing. Why should we retreat?”

Stakes in this deal are high, as major powers have something to lose. Failure in the negotiations carries the risk of a new regional war, with Israel threatening military action against Iran if diplomacy fails to prevent Tehran from developing its nuclear weapons capability.

Tehran has consistently denied having such intentions and threatened any Israeli assault with a “crushing” retaliation.

As the midnight deadline inches closer, it’s necessary to know that Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian said Iran’s decision would not be made without the stable removal of sanctions while maintaining the best interests of Iranian citizens. 



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