Friday, June 2, 2023

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Finnish PM announces she’s been subject to drug testing after partying videos surfaced

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin stopped into the limelight on Friday to address the two videos that came to the surface this week of her partying. During her speech, Marin revealed to the public that she had taken a series of drug tests and vowed she had never used illegal drugs.

On Thursday, the first video emerged from what is speculated as social media footage. The video showed a laid-back Marin singing and dancing in the confines and privacy of a house party. 

As Friday came, so did another video of the 36-year-old partying, except this time, she was dancing with Finnish pop star Olavi Uusivirta. 

In the wake of the videos, Marin, who took office as the world’s youngest government leader in December 2019, received requests to submit to a drug test from both the opposition and members of her ruling party.

During Friday’s press conference, a reporter claimed to have seen the famous pop star kiss the Prime Minister on the neck. Killing the story, she addressed what she referred to as ‘fake news’ head-on, saying, “If someone has kissed me on the cheek, there’s nothing inappropriate or something I can’t handle tell my husband about.”

While some praise the young leader for balancing a healthy work and a private life, others question her decision to allow herself to get filmed. Critics also question if her partying could interfere with her ability to quickly carry out her duties if a sudden crisis were to hit Finland.

Marin defended her extracurricular activities as not interfering with her duty to Finland, “My ability to perform my official duties remained unimpaired on the Saturday night in question…I would have left the party had I been called to work.”

The political figure also told reporters during her press conference that the Finnish armed forces were well equipped to anticipate any military crisis that might affect the country, “If there were to be a crisis situation, I would know about it before midnight on a Saturday evening.”

The videos’ timing surfacing put additional pressure as Finland and Sweden, previously neutral territories, applied to become a part of NATO and received full approval for their membership around two weeks ago. 

Democrat leader Marin continues to defend her abilities, adding that she had never used drugs and had not observed anyone doing so at the event she had attended. She faced similar criticism last year after going to a club and nearly getting infected with the Covid-19 virus.

It seems as though a smear campaign is in the midst. The videos have received extensive coverage in Finnish media, which justified the use of the recordings as being in the general interest. Interestingly enough, opposition party politicians have criticized the Prime Minister and the media for discussing partying instead of tackling more urgent domestic issues. 

Democrat leader Marin continues to defend her abilities, adding that she had never used drugs and had not observed anyone doing so at the event she had attended.



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