Sunday, June 4, 2023

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China fires missiles into waters off Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi leaves the island

Two days ago, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan despite China’s frequent warnings, urging the American politician to avoid visiting the independent island. After landing around 6 PM local time, the world leader was forced to face various intimidation tactics ranging from cybersecurity hackings to missiles launching upon her departure, marking China’s most extensive military defense exercises in the region. 

The arrival of Nancy Pelosi marked the highest-level U.S. visitor to Taiwan in 25 years. Many believe China has an issue with her visiting due to its ties with Russia. Upon and before her arrival, Taiwan received an increased volume of cyber attacks on Taiwan government units, surpassing 15,000 gigabits, 23 times higher than the nation’s previous daily record.

Pelosi was alienated via 7-11 convenience stores and railways getting hacked with the words “Warmonger Pelosi, get out of Taiwan!” written across the screen. Although Taiwan didn’t directly accuse China of the acts but said that the attacks on government websites originated from addresses in both China and Russia.

Pelosi left Taiwan on Wednesday following Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen presenting her with an award during a brief ceremony at his office. Where he Draped Pelosi with a blue sash attached to the medal, Ing-wen described Pelosi as “one of Taiwan’s most devoted friends.”

Taiwan has been an independent island since 1950. Although the U.S. and the island have no official ties, the U.S. stands on a diplomatic tightrope. China is known to view Taiwan as a ‘breakaway province’ with expectations the island will fall back under Chinese control by force if necessary. 

On the one side of things, America abides by the “One China” policy, which recognizes only one Chinese government, giving the U.S. formal ties with Beijing and not Taiwan. But American law requires the U.S. to equip the island nation with weaponry, and China seems to be feeling the heat.

An angry China fired 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles on Thursday just miles from the Taiwanese coast. These missile launches are disrupting shipping lanes and flights to and from Taiwan, forcing ships to re-route, with days-long disruptions expected to impact other supply chains already disrupted.

China faced scrutiny over its tactics. A statement issued by the G7 addressed China’s uncalled-for missile strike, Warning the Asian nation that its actions could provoke an “‘escalatory’ response risking increasing tensions and destabilizing the region.” The world leaders added in their unified statement that it was routine for legislators from their countries to travel internationally.” Japan released a separate report claiming that five Chinese missiles also landed in its waters, calling for an “immediate stop” to the exercises.

In response to the harsh reactions, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi,  defended China’s military drills in the seas around Taiwan, confidently saying that the island nation would “eventually return to the embrace of the motherland.” While the Chinese Foreign Ministry canceled a meeting between China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Japanese counterpart on the sidelines of ASEAN events in Cambodia.

Wang Yi spoke about the cancelation of the meeting by issuing a warning, “The G7 statement had aroused “great indignation” among the Chinese people.” and that, “Today’s China is no longer the China of the 19th century. History should not repeat itself, and it will never repeat itself!” 

As China digs itself into a similar future to Russia, Taiwan is doing everything to prepare for the worst. From issuing a wartime survival guide to preparing its air-raid shelters, animosity seems to be brewing and is just below the surface.



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