Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Bionic hand with new gestures can be updated remotely

A company known as the leading manufacturer of upper-limb prosthetics, COVVI Ltd., has created a wild innovation they call the “Nexus hand.”

The “Nexus hand” enables its users to carry out mundane tasks like holding a glass or opening a door by utilizing “electrical impulses from the muscles in the upper arm into movement powered by motors.”

COVVI is a design-led organization with a dedicated team of visionaries established in 2017. With over 75 years of combined experience in prosthetic design, COVVI has created, according to its website, “A world-leading, multi-articulated bionic hand that is both highly functional and accessible.” With a team proud to have delivered as much progress in the medical field already, its newest design amplifies the company’s newfound quality and performance by using “premium materials and cutting-edge design.”

Jessica Smith, an Australian swimmer born without a left hand, was approached by the British company COVVI for her to try the “Nexus hand.” Before the new tech, Smith had a tragic experience with a prosthetic device when she was a toddler resulting in an accident where she burned 15% of her body. The 2004 Athens Paralympian said, “There’s always been an association between the fact this prosthetic aid didn’t actually help; it created the most traumatic event in my life.”

The 37-year-old claims that COVVI not only changed her life but has also changed the lives of her three kids. “They think it’s amazing, and I’m like half human-half robot,” she said. Moreover, she says COVVI has already created new movements for her.

According to Covvi’s founder, Simon Pollard COVVI is aiming to make the device Bluetooth-enabled so that the company’s experts could update its software using an app.

Although some competing bionic hands can also be operated via an app, Pollard, the Nexus hand stands out because it can communicate with just one device, “The fact we can change some of the things that the customer wants remotely is a truly compelling thing and a first to market,” said Pollard.

Every user’s anonymized data is gathered for that purpose under the supervision of partner NetApp (NTAP.O). According to Pollard, Covvi has signed contracts with 27 distributors worldwide, including ones in China, Australia, and the US. Pollard also stated that he aimed to increase monthly production to 100.



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