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A Place to go: Reykjanes, Iceland

Is stress getting to you? Are your responsibilities getting you down in the dumps? Looking for a way to escape? The Blue Lagoon in Iceland might be the perfect stop on your road to relaxation.

Drake Shroe was a young man whose everyday pressures exceeded his everyday capabilities. Deciding to take a break from his job of a life, Drake decided to go on an adventure, one filled with nothing but relaxation and admiration. 

Eager to jump into something different, Drake immersed himself in learning about Iceland, somewhere he’s wanted to visit since he realized Iceland’s particular geographical location. Working his way from the airport, it seemed apparent that the first stop for Drake would be The Blue Lagoon. 

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most accessible and expensive geothermal spas. It’s mostly made up of salt and living organisms but was manmade and remains a byproduct of a geothermal power plant. It is Iceland’s most famous Geothermal spa, probably due to being a 15-minute drive from the airport. Sometimes, people on a layover will dip a toe in nature’s manmade pool between flights.

As Drake walked towards the entryway, he recalled reading that the Lagoon was located on a lava field and saw a path bordered by what looked like frozen lava, “It was almost like one big uniquely-shaped black rock, very unusual, but very beautiful,”

Note that entry fees will differ from the website prices if you don’t book your ticket far enough in advance. The most basic package cost Drake a whopping $90 since the website didn’t disclose that the price would be different if he booked in advance. With the basic plan came a complimentary beverage, a towel, a silica face mask, and of course, entry. 

Upon receiving an electronic-waterproof wristband, which acts as a key to a locker, Drake was sent to the locker room. From there, he was asked to shower without a bathing suit, allowing the water to remain as clean as possible. As soon as he finished showering, he was sent outside to witness the place he’d researched shortly before acting on a whim: The Blue Lagoon.

Drake grew distracted from the breathtaking views and realized that the outside temperature of Iceland was well below an American’s version of freezing. As he raced towards the warm water, he noted that it wasn’t clear but murky. Drake justified the murky water by claiming it was probably just minerals. 

As he immersed himself in the water, he remembered how soft the water felt, “You can feel the silica on the feet. It was very relaxing.” the solo traveler added that the warmth from the water took his coldness away, but his face stayed cold. He also said that he had a hard time holding his complimentary drink with wet hands in a cold environment. 

After spending a ridiculous amount of money on getting in, Drake was dedicated to immersing himself in every aspect of the Lagoon. 

First, he went over to get a mask, there were three options, but the Silica mask he chose was part of his pre-paid package. “A woman scooped it from a bowl with a big spoon into my hands and told me to leave it on for 5-10 minutes,” excited to dip his toe in self-care, the young man ran to the nearest mirror and applied the mask, leaving it on until he felt it was done. By the time it was finished, Drake had gone to a different nearby mirror and washed his face off into the Lagoon, but for those who are nervous about that, there are faucets with fresh water you can rinse with.

After finishing up his mask, Drake decided it was time for a complimentary drink but didn’t have anything nice to say about the long lines, wait times, and lack of consideration when getting those drinks. 

After getting a beer that Drake noted as one of the best beers, he’s ever had, he wandered around the Lagoon, noting its vast size, “The lagoon is so big you can’t even tell how many people are in it.” The solo traveler also commented on the different temperatures as he walked through the Lagoon, “There are hot-hot places and areas that are more comfortable to relax in–sometimes it can get to smell a bit sulfury, but it was a small price to pay.”

The entire Lagoon measures only four feet deep, a perfect endeavor for those afraid to swim. Drake assured me that this place would be nice to enjoy with someone, but he filled his time taking photographs and trying to regain a sense of self that got lost in the rhythm of life.

By the time he decided to leave, Drake claimed it was the most relaxed he’s ever remembered feeling. He said it was a place worth going to.



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