Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Twitter and Elon Musk are set for October trial over $44 billion takeover

Twitter and Elon Musk took their feud to court on Tuesday, where a Delaware judge ruled in favor of the social media platform. The judge, Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick of the Court of Chancery in Delaware, ruled that Twitter and Elon Musk must go on a five-day trial in October over Musk’s backing out of his contract and his proposed $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. 

Musk and his team asked for a delayed trial in February with hopes of conducting more research. Twitter wanted a September trial to end this situation, which they claim is damaging the company’s reputation. Attorney William Savitt said, representing Twitter in court on Tuesday, “It’s attempted sabotage. He’s doing his best to run Twitter down.” 

Judge McCormick agreed to an October trial, which Twitter views as a win. The social media platform was very vocal about Musk’s proposed delayed trial saying that Musk is attempting to “disparage Twitter and prolong this litigation.” 

Judge McCormick agreed with Twitter that a trial should take place sooner rather than later, saying, “The reality is delay threatens irreparable harm to the sellers.”

Twitter takes the first win in this major legal battle that has already shaken the social media world. However, both parties know that this battle is only just getting started.



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