Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Disclaimer: Unauthorized use of ONE trademark

Today, Friday, July 1, 2022, Ocean Network Express North America, Inc. (ONE) sent an advisory warning to its valued customers and partners. The advisory came following a report it received that resulted in grave concern. 

An unnamed source revealed that a person or people had been fraudulently posing as the ONE by using the Network’s “trade name, brand, and likeness by fraudsters posing as a shipping company using our address, logo, and the similar name. “Ocean Network Express Global International” and “ONE Global International.”

The Network went on to tell its customers to stray from any communications from “Ocean Network Express Global International” and “ONE Global International,” reiterating that Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd does not authorize those posing companies. 

The Network concluded its caution story by advising public members to disregard communication with those specified in the above paragraph and report any related incidents to the appropriate authorities.

ONE looked to ease its customers by informing them that it had taken the appropriate legal actions about the reports it had received on the unauthorized use of its name and appearance.

ONE concluded its advisory by telling its customers that if they believe they were victims of identity theft or fraud by “Ocean Network Express Global International” or “ONE Global International,” to contact their local law enforcement.



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