Friday, June 2, 2023

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Cape Town hospital uses robot at the forefront of surgery in Africa

The breakthrough technology, the da Vinci Xi robot, brings smiles to faces globally. Today, its usage can potentially change how the human species treats patients. The first procedure utilizing the brand-new robot was carried out in February at Tygerberg Hospital. Since then, the machinery has been able to help dozens more successfully.

This new tech is paving a path for new tech for the medical fields struggling with influxes of visitors through the current pandemic. With less demanding surgeries, more surgeons will be available and less exhausted.

The da Vinci comes equipped with interchangeability for when new technology emerges. Its standardized design provides customers with familiarity among the lesser models; however, the new tech’s uniform design allows for additional add-ons or less if customers can’t afford the fuller, more up-to-date model.

The surgical team gaining traction from using this machine was led by Dr. Tim Forgan. The da Vinci was used while removing a cancerous rectal tumor from a female patient at Tygerberg public hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The model used had four ‘arms’ and can get controlled via a 3D immersive consul and tremor filtering, making it the most advanced surgical robot in the country. Although there is a standardized model of the innovative machine, the console can also be adjusted in several ways to accommodate each surgeon’s height and reach.

Africa owns two of these consoles, both located at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. The system is used at Tygerberg Hospital primarily for complicated urological, gynecological, and colorectal operations. 



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