Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Andrew Benintendi: Vaccination status compromises trade value after the deactivation in Blue Jays series

In years prior, injuries and chemistry issues were the deal breaker for players in sports leagues.

However, with the rise of Covid-19 mounting, vaccine mandates have become the biggest deal breaker for athletes.

From Novak Djokovic to Kyrie Irving, we’ve seen numerous instances of stars’ careers being sidetracked over their personal stance being publicized.

In sports, the fanatic aspect of it tends to hold the professional athlete to high standards, either using personal issues to add to their ‘bad’ image,


Or in some cases, (re)starting one.

Via NBC Sports

Amid the MLB season, we might have seen another case, by way of Kansas City, as Royals outfielder Andrew Benintendi was amongst 10 stars who will be benched, without pay for the team’s upcoming Toronto Blue Jays series.

Canada still upholds a mandate that requires athletes to have all of their vaccination shots before competing.

The other players ineligible for the series include catcher MJ Melendez, 1st baseman/outfielder Hunter Dozier, as well as the two main starting pitchers Brad Keller and Brady Singer, who likely have been in the lineup for the matchups.

Benintendi was a trade target for the league-leading New York Yankees, who were looking to boost their World Series title chances with a move for the 28-year-old.

However, due to the vaccination, the star who was rumored for the swap, will no longer be pursued.

While it is a stance that the star has chosen, historically, the stance will not be taken into account in retrospect by critics.

Despite his inability to join the contender, Benintendi is a World Champion, winning with the Yankees rival, the Boston Red Sox in 2018, as well as notching his 1st All-Star nomination this year.



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