Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Zelenskyy says stalemate ‘not an option’ as bodies of some Ukrainian fighters from Mariupol handed over to Kyiv

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke on Tuesday, promising that Ukraine would fight to recover all its territory occupied by Russian forces. In contrast, Ukrainian soldiers fought street-to-street in one of the war’s deadliest ground battles at Sievierodonetsk. The Ukrainian President sent his message home when he said, “We have to achieve a full de-occupation of our entire territory. Stalemate is “not an option.”

Today, Sievierodonetsk Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk told Ukrainian television, “Our armed forces have strengthened their positions and are holding the line.” With another local official, Roman Vlasenko, saying Ukrainian forces were in control of the city’s industrial zone and the Azot chemical plant, the odds of Ukraine reclaiming itself seemed promising.

However, Moscow spread word that its troops were advancing, once again stirring the public into a tizzy over not being able to separate the truth from the lies. Media sources as well-known as Reuters weren’t even able to determine the current status of Sievierodonetsk, leaving many with barrages of questions.

French President Emmanuel Macron said it was important not to “humiliate” Moscow during an interview. The leader’s comments implied that Ukraine must accept some Russian demands to resolve the current conflict. In response to Macron’s remarks, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said, “We will not humiliate anyone. We are going to respond in kind.” During his speech, his troops were reclaiming their land in the ruins of Sievierodonetsk after having made a surprise counter-offensive that shifted momentum there last week.

Not without regard for his people, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy was not wholly opposed to compromise. Forced to make a deal with the devil, otherwise known as Russia, ut seems that Ukraine made a type-of body exchange where Ukraine received 160 bodies last week in exchange for 160 Russian bodies; this was the war’s first transfer of this kind. Ukraine’s Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories announced this exchange last week.

The fate of the estimated 2,000 Azovstal defenders remains unclear as there remains to be little information released about them. But the families of the recovered fallen soldiers said in a statement released late on Monday, “It’s important to note that a third of the bodies (handed over) were Azov fighters. The affiliation of the other fighters to different units is being clarified.”

Russia continues to defend its violence, clinging to the claim that the Azov Regiment, which led the defense of the steelworks at Mariupol, was a “Nazi” militia with radical far-right origins. Many believe it to be ironic due to recent claims that high-ranking Russian government officials are part of the Nazi regime.

Ukraine continuously denies the Russian claims, saying the unit had already been reformed and integrated into its armed forces and is outside politics.

As the two countries continue to be at odds, all the world can hope is that the leaders try not to think selfishly or hastily in these truly horrific times.



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