Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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MSC Becomes First Carrier to offer in-house Liquid Cargo Solutions

Your liquid cargo may take a new shape following MSC’s roll-out yesterday, announcing that it has become the first carrier to offer liquid cargo solutions in-house. In its press release, MSC explained how it was able to tackle something that never had solid footing.

Like most retailers, the carrier company attempted to peel the customers away from the old-outdated ISO tanks. They claimed that there were more than many advantages when deciding to switch to flexibags, “including the fact that flexibags are single-use and fully recyclable, making them the hygienic choice for shipping edible cargoes,” 

Alongside the reeling perks lies something of major convenience, no clean-up like there would be if one were to use an ISO tank. Flexibags can be installed within any 20′ container, which will be ready to reuse once the bag is removed. They say it eliminates the need for repositioning and ultimately saves on costs.

MSC furthered their self-marketing when explaining why customers should pick them as their carrier. Instead of their competition by pointing out the company’s unique bulkhead recycling scheme, “bulkheads used for liquid cargo transport can get reused efficiently, reducing waste and improving supply chain sustainability.”

The flexibag offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to other liquid bulk transportation methods. The company works with dedicated suppliers of flexibags and its customers to ensure each flexibag is tailored correctly. Each bag permits a maximum of 24,000 liters of both non-hazardous liquid cargo and chemicals, with less packaging than conventional ISO tanks. 

MSC’s Liquid Cargo Solutions offer flexible capacity and specifications, enabling the expansion of the liquid cargo sector. With unrivaled global connectivity over land and sea and an important port and depot network, it’s no question whether the Flexibag will gain traction or not. It’s when. 

MSC agencies currently offering Liquid Cargo Solutions include: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, UK, and Uruguay. They hope to expand the bag’s presence by adding more nations to its list in 2022.  



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