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Maersk Update: Fire in BM depot at Chittagong

Yesterday, June 26, 2022, Maersk updated its customers on the fire incident at the BM container depot in Chittagong on June 4. Upon their first sentence was the establishment that they were diligent in following the heartbreaking story to provide its customers with ample clarity and information to help its customers better manage their disrupted supply chains.

The incident that set the dominos in motion was a massive fire at a container depot near a port city in southeastern Bangladesh that officials and local media reported killed at least 49 people, including nine firefighters. The blaze also managed to injure more than 100 others.

Maersk said that due to the abrupt cargo re-routings, terminals are still dealing with various issues on the ground, causing delays in container placement and loaded transit to ports, among other things. The company added that the fire was just one obstacle the ports were trying to overcome, making mention of “heavy rainfall in Chattogram,” saying the roughness of the weather has hastened labor attendance and “disrupting continuity in operations.”

The planning of the onward transport for the cargo on booked vessels leaving Chittagong has been impacted by delays in the cargo offloading terminals. Maersk announced it was working on a contingency plan “to add capacity and consequently re-map the cargo movement in and out of Bangladesh as efficiently as possible.” But not without assuring its customers that Maersk continues to exhaust every option before finding the best, safest method of transport.

As days continue to pass, Maersk asked their customers for their patience in the upcoming days, affirming that they will advise them further on queries regarding claims. The company continued to express its helplessness by restating the importance of customer service, offering to help upset customers navigate the rough waters during an unusual time. After promising to keep every customer up to date and guided, Maersk concluded their updated statement by saying if anyone had further questions and concerns to, ‘please not hesitate to contact us.’



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