Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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CMA CGM: the first major ship owner to be awarded the Green Marine Europe label

If one could look at a list of trends in the maritime industry, there would be an obvious one at the top of the trending list: environmental awareness. As companies race to find the best form of renewable energy and collaborate to find the healthiest way to live alongside changing ecosystems, all one can do is seem to look forward in hopes of a better tomorrow than there was today. 

Today, CMA CGM released a statement saying it was the first major shipping company to be awarded the Green Marine Europe Label. The Green Marine Group is a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American maritime industry and Europe with the help of Surfrider Foundation Europe. The Group deals specifically with issues related to marine transportation, ranging from air, water, and soil quality to community relations. 

CMA CGM’s press release stated that the company joined the Green Marine program in 2021 to measure the carbon impact of its activities and move towards standard solutions in a collaborative approach. The company went so far as to mention when French President Emmanuel Macron said its commitment to environmental contentedness during the opening speech of the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2021.

The company that started with a small reach of St. Lawrence and Great Lakes maritime sector soon gained incredible traction. Through a series of evaluations, vessel owners are set to complete all the rigorous and transparent certification requirements. 

CMA CGM’s commitment to its certification is based on what the company’s statement says were eight distinct performance indicators. CMA said that it believes its certification reinforces the diversification of its business sectors covered by the Green Marine Europe label.

After confirming the certification had been received, the Group added that the certificate provides a detailed framework for shipping companies to measure and reduce their environmental footprint. It soon described how it equips its vessels with “an innovative ballast water treatment system based on UV rays, without chemical additives.” The company also swooped in, mentioning the commitment to avoiding plastic aboard its ships, changing it to a Level 3 after observing its waste management performance.

CMA CGM continues to assert its dominance through its efforts to work with rather than against the environment. 



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