Sunday, June 4, 2023

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UK police recommend more than 100 fines for Downing Street lockdown breaches

British police spoke out for the first time in a month about their investigation of the Downing gatherings held on Downing Street during quarantine in 2020. British police said they now had 100 referrals for fines following the currently infamous Partygate scandals. Exactly one month ago today, police said they had made more than 50 referrals for fines. As the referrals continue to rise, Progress is shown. 

The formal statement released today said, “As of Thursday 12 May, Operation Hillman, the investigation into breaches of COVID-19 regulations in Whitehall and Downing Street, has made more than 100 referrals for fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to the ACRO Criminal Records Office,” 

Although police cannot identify the recipients of the fines, British PM Johnson admitted guilt back in April after receiving his initial fine. He refused to resign as a result of it. What shocked many was when Johnson said he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong while apologizing for his wrongdoings. However, he accepted the fine and went on with his day.

A representative speaking for Johnson told reporters that the Prime Minister is “…clear there were things we did not get right, both in terms of what happened and how it was handled subsequently.”

The anonymity of the fines leaves British citizens wondering which of their leaders have their morals aligned with Britans most current Prime Minister. Allies accompanying Johnson in his conservative party attempted to flip the script on  Labor leader Keir Starmer, who is also now subject to a police investigation.

Thankfully, Starmer denies that rules were broken during an event he attended in April 2021. He was pictured eating and drinking with colleagues during the event while working into the evening. Unlike Johnson, Starmer agreed to resign if the police were to issue him a fine.

Police said their investigations remain live, highlighting the possibility of more fines, more resentment, and ending these types of scandals and oppositions in places of power.



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