Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Transgender Athletes banned in Georgia High Schools

In a unanimous vote, the Georgia High School Association’s executive committee has officially banned transgender athletes from competition in yesterday’s meeting in Thomaston.

The ban was put in place to create equal standing within men’s and women’s sports. When talking about the matter, Cole Muzio, president of the conservative Frontline Policy Council stated: “Everyone should have an opportunity to participate, but the field of play should be fair.” He went on to say “GHSA’s action today recognizes science, reflects reality and restores fairness”, relating to the science behind transgender girls, in particular, playing with persisting male traits.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who is currently up for reelection, embraced the decision, signing a bill last week to allow the association to ban transgender athletes, citing his urge to “protect fairness in school sports.”

The news while unanimous was not one of universal acceptance.

Many individuals, notably candidates opposing the Republican Kemp, expressed concern about excluding the children from their respective sports.

Sen. Sally Harrell, Atlanta Democrat and the mother of a transgender child expressed her feelings on the matter, stating that kids who had endured “substantial mental health issues will receive this as a message of rejection,” something that many have attempted to avoid.

The controversy with transgenders in athletics has been a strong topic of conversation throughout the world.

In the states, it stands as quite the polarizing topic, as earlier in the spring, Olympic swimmer Lia Thomas infamously won the NCAA Division I national championship coming in 1st during the 500-yard freestyle in record time. Thomas, initially born as a male, previously competed in the men’s competitions coming into college, before her sex change.

David Ralston, a Republican House Speaker initially blocked the ban for the schools, but eventually compromised on the premise he did not want any law to “target” the children.

A resolution seemingly is up in the air. Telling by Ralston’s spokesperson Kaleb McMichen’s downplayed response on the matter, it will be a long time before all parties can be redeemed in a just manner.



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