Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Russia’s RuTube knocked out for the second day by Victory Day cyber attack

Actions taken out by Russia this past year have issued a reality check to world leaders and civilians alike. As the world continues to shake the false sense of security it was once granted, many feel lost with a looming feeling of loneliness, helplessness, and despair hanging over their heads. 

Russia has been a repeat offender of war crimes that have yet to be proven, and the country continuously denies any involvement in war crimes. However, satellite images illustrate a different perception to the public. After binding innocent Ukrainians, Russian troops proceeded to kill, rape, and destroy the village of Bucha. Leaving most survivors wishing they were granted the peace of death. 

The internet hacking group Anonymus directed a message to the world, demanding change in Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine starting in March. After US officials later confirmed evidence of the hacking group’s involvement, world leaders feared the hacking would snowball into an all-out cyberwar. 

In March, the group claimed they had already targeted more than 1500 Russian Websites: including the Ministry of Defense, Local News Agencies, the space agencies, Russian oil companies, and internet providers–even TV channels. 

Over the weekend, the vigilante group posted another message addressing both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the world, saying that they know all of Putin’s secrets and will publicize them until Russia flees Ukraine. This second wave of cyberattacks is acting in contrast to the first. The first cyberattack took information from the 15000 websites the group had gained access to, leaking all confidential information. However, this time around, things seem to be different. 

The video accuses Russia of having a secret Nazi army, “This army of the Russian government, called Wagner, has thousands of members who the Russian Ministry of Defense finances,” The video went on to pin past war crimes on the alleged Wagner troop, “…and have brutally tortured and executed people in countries like Ukraine, Libya, and Iraq. Does the world know that there are Nazis in your closest circles? We will destroy you and your economy to the last piece. We are Anonymus. We are legion. Expect Us.” This cyberattack is described as the worst in the site’s history.

The attack followed the posting of the video on Monday. When Russia commemorated the Soviet victory over Adolf Hitler, and President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech likening that struggle to the current war in Ukraine, this is a major national holiday. 

In a separate incident on Monday, according to images acquired by Reuters, Russian satellite television menus were also hacked, leaving viewers in Moscow statements concerning events in Ukraine, including “You have blood on your hands.”

Alongside the cyberattacks came the formal accusations from the UK, US, and EU claiming that Russia was behind the cyberattack targeting a satellite communications network used in Ukraine, just about an hour before Russia initially invaded Ukraine. 

As the war comes full circle, Russia is being put at its knees, scrambling, lying, and in boiling water as formal accusations of war crimes are sure to follow.



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