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Lifetime service for cruise ships with MEYER RE

Yesterday (May 26, 2022), the established freight shippers and ship makers, MEYER Group announced its expansion and supplementation of its core business, the construction of new cruise ships, with a new subdivision called MEYER RE. Being new competition to cruise lines mixed with being new to cruise operators, “MEYER RE aims to maintain ships throughout their entire service life, modernize them with sustainable solutions, and optimize ship operations to back up. Resulting in significant advantages for the customer, for example, support during the entire lifetime of the ship from a single source, from development to extended operation.”

Whole revitalization projects with various subsidiaries from MEYER Group were also mentioned in the press release, saying that plans for those are just on the horizon. MEYER Group mentioned the motive behind their new movement, saying that the overall main goal here “…is not only on the refurbishment of passenger areas, e.g., public spaces such as restaurants, but also the delivery of new passenger and crew cabins from the production of the MEYER Group.” 

Alongside new physical changes on the cruise ships, MEYER RE and MEYER NEPTUN are offering new engineering services for shipping companies, where they mentioned a noticeable difference in ship energy management. The Company described how the MEYER Group can access its own software solutions, “With the conversion of the existing fleets to renewable fuels or the retrofitting of fuel cells, MEYER RE is making another comprehensive contribution to the decarbonization of cruises.”

MEYER Group is an established-well known, worldwide well-versed company with various hats. One line stood alone, “MEYER RE can draw on numerous services from specialists within the group of companies.” This seems to be the main selling point for the new subdivision of MEYER Group. Perhaps the sheer volume of MEYER Group can make their new, sustainable ‘lifetime service’ become a reality.

As the press release concluded, MEYER Group emphasized their mission regarding their changes and new affiliate company, saying that MEYER RE was divided into not one, not two, but three areas: MEYER RETHINK, MEYER REVALUE, and MEYER CARE. The three points highlighted:

  1. Sustainability solutions.
  2. Aesthetics and appearance.
  3. Offering optimal crew training and offering maintenance contracts and digital technical documentation.

MEYER RE is currently being presented at Miami’s Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 trade fair. Alexander W. Höfling, the new head of management for MEYER RE, said, “MEYER RE will use the technical expertise of the MEYER Group and continue to expand the MEYER team through recruitment.” 

As MEYER RE ships sail into the sea of sustainability and accountability, they leave a path of progress for ship manufacturers.



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