Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Japanese women awarded damages over exam tampering

After years of sexism and unjustified rejections from medical schools in Japan, Japanese women blamed their gender for their oppression rather than realizing the truth; a skewed society favoring men granted those with penis’ more freedom than they could ever have. 

Today, a Japanese judge took a step in the right direction after finding Juntendo University in Tokyo guilty of discrimination due to stricter requirements for female students because it said women had better communication skills than men and had an advantage in interviews. Kyodo News reported that the University is set to owe thirteen women who have taken the University’s entrance exams between 2011 and 2018 but were not accepted. Two women would have passed the first entrance exam had the results not been tampered with. 

The University owes around eight million yen ($62,000; £50,400) in compensation to the women. The plaintiffs sued for a combined total of 54 million yen (422,609 dollars). Following their guilty verdict, Juntendo University admitted its wrongdoing and confirmed that its actions over the recent years led to dozens of women being unfairly rejected.

Starting in 2018, the Japanese government launched an investigation of whether or not Medical institutions have been tampering with female applicants’ test scores. After doing a deep dive into the history and authenticity of previous female applicants’ test scores, it was concluded, without a doubt, that the test scores of their female applicants were tampered with, dating back as early as 2006. The University under fire at the time was the established Tokyo Medical Institution.

Local media reported that they believed the actions taken out by these universities went unnoticed for so long because of a spread of sexist university administrators saying they thought women would leave the medical profession or work fewer hours after getting married and having children.




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