Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Changes to Import reefer unplug process

Maersk announced today that starting May 30, Reefertech will only be taking instruction from Maersk when it comes to unplugging units on the quay. They initiated their announcement by stating that it was “No longer necessary to copy Reefertech in any emails relating to the unplugging of reefer containers, and any emails directed to them will not be actioned.”

Reefertech is a company that has been providing an international service for almost thirty years. The company fixed refrigerated or heated cargo tanks. They maintain an enormous range of clientele with names like APL and Hoyer sitting next to the even bigger Maersk. With Reefertech based in the Dublin Docks area with satellite operations in Belfast and Cork, they were able to upgrade their scope of abilities to always stay on top.

The start of the merger marks a change in policy that might be more than shocking to some. Maersk added a new time frame when it comes to reefer repairs. They prompted their new regulation with the justification that the new time frame is to allow time for their technicians to arrive on-site and locate and unplug your unit.

The time frame requires that drivers arrive at the time of their request. If drivers were to come 3 hours after the initial request time, a new request would have to be sent to the unplug unit. Maersk says this is because the technicians cannot leave a unit unplugged for more than 3 hours. Maersk claims that your cargo would avoid leaving reefers unplugged for extended periods if they did. Otherwise, this puts your precious cargo at risk.

If you cannot make your requested time, they ask that you give advance notice to plan each repair accordingly for the day. They ask that you email during working hours so they can accommodate your replug.

They ask that clients contact the above email with a minimum of 6 working hours’ notice and reiterated that it was no longer necessary to contact their Reefer Technicians (Reefertech) directly. All correspondence must now be directed through Maersk Ireland Customer Service.

Maersk concluded its merger announcement by thanking its customers and looking forward to a bigger future. 



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