Friday, June 2, 2023

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Amnesty calls for more funds for migrant workers ahead of Qatar World Cup

The ball rests on the field of Qatar, as Amnesty International calls for Fifa to compensate their workers ahead of the World Cup.

The Fifa president Gianni Infantino penned a letter stating:

“Until all workers are compensated, the tournament cannot be truly celebrated.”

This is in response to past transgressions with workers who have been seriously injured or worse while on the job. Representatives such as chief executive Sacha Deshmukh expressed the need for aid to the families of those hard at work for the events, calling attention to England manager Gareth Southgate, and other managers to help the cause. 

Fifa has already responded in kind, establishing that they are presently constructing reimbursement payments for the Fifa World Cup and non-Fifa World Cup workers, as they have reportedly “received payments of a total $22.6m (£18m) in December 2021, with $5.7m (£4.5m) committed by contractors”.

Organizers are also reportedly looking into new safety measures and health care provisions for workers. It remains to be seen if it will be enough, as the event is mere months away, set to take place on the 21st of November.



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