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A place to go: Costa Rica

Have you ever imagined picking up your life to escape reality? Robert Immello, a natural nomad, can build his existence. Through traveling with a private company blowing glass for the past twelve years, Robert Immello gifted himself something that many people wish they had, time to experience life in its truest form. 

Costa Rica is a place where someone can escape from the weight of their world. Being a man who can’t stay in one place long enough, Immello can always find places around the world that are both unique and economical. After first visiting the nation of Costa Rica thirteen years ago, Immello watched the nation flourish from an underdeveloped country into a more self-sufficient, less ‘primitive’ atmosphere and has been back two more times. Immello said, “Even on our lazy days, we would open the doors and windows, and it was like we were sully immersed in nature from the comfort of our bed.”

Immello came back to Costa Rica for the waves, culture, and price. For only 1500 USD, Immello lived comfortably in a beautiful bungalow with views that would shock even the most seasoned of travelers. Immello claimed that the entire cost of living for one month in Costa Rica is the equivalent cost of one plane ticket to Hawaii.

Everything near the coastline of Costa Rica is walkable, but they do have Uber as an option if the weather gets to be too much. Surf season comes twice a year here, varying on which side of the nation you decide to be on. Immello said, “Good season on the Caribbean side is December through March. The Pacific side is June through August. We’re planning on making another trip soon. Even during a down season, Hermosa can reach heights of six feet. Jaco is always a good, family-friendly surf. 

During his time in Costa Rica, Immello embraced the culture from all sides. Their lifestyle was described as “go with the flow,” Immello said, “With everyone we meet, we take advantage of the opportunities they can give us.” The bungalow Immello was staying at was at the top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was Hermosa Surf School whose owners embraced Immello and his girlfriend. From meeting the surf school owner, Ariel, Immello met his sister, who owned, Shokunin Sushi, a neighboring business. From there, they met the father of a worker who offered to take them on his ziplining course, called Chiclets Zipline. 

Chiclet is currently offering two tour times, one at 10 AM and the second at 1 PM. The course has 14 cables and one suspended bridge. Chiclet holds a lot of fun in a magnificent rainforest in front of the Pacific ocean in Playa Hermosa, Jaco beach, Costa Rica. It costs 60 USD for the experience, which also professionally captures your experience via photograph with no additional charge.

Immello was more than excited and ready to make the most of his ‘out of the blue’ adventure. When first getting to the course, they were taught the dos and donts of ziplining. Immello emphasized the importance of keeping your hand behind the sliders. With fifteen different zips, the pair were able to experience being in the trees of Costa Rica for a little more than two hours. The couple ziplined between the mountains of Hermosa and Jaco and were able to cruise over the ocean and glaze through the forest skyline. Immello said where they went used to be the world’s largest but said it most likely isn’t anymore.  

During their time in the sky, Immello was able to do something many level-headed people could never do. The trick was called ‘The Spidermonkey’; it involved him being upsidedown and spinning while moving on the zipline. When reminiscing, Immello chuckled, saying, “When I did it, it was definitely harder than I thought it would be. Had a hard time balancing bc your hand has to stay behind you.”

Immello plans to head back to Costa Rica for this summer’s surf season and is excited to embrace Costa Rican culture and escape the everyday hustle that’s become his reality.



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