Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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N. Korea parades ICBMs vows to boost nuclear arsenal

North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un, announced a new initiative Monday night during a parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of North Korea’s armed forces. During the country’s 12th parade in 10 years, according to the state news agency KCNA,  it was pledged that Pyongyang would speed up the development of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that the parade began on Monday at 10:00 p.m. local time (13:00 GMT). However, at 9:30  (12:30 GMT), NK News said satellites spotted several illuminated objects over central Pyongyang before the parade’s start. NK News believes that the illumination of the object seen could be from either drones or other aircraft. Satellite images indicate it as a type of rehearsal for the parade. 

Many find it interesting that North Korea usually hosts its parades under the cloak of the night. The media covering the parades can often not report it until the next day. Some might think it a strategy of privacy, and others might think it a celebration of unification. However deemed fit, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un seemed to be the focal point of the military celebration. As state media urged its citizens and the armed forces to pledge their “absolute loyalty” to Kim.

North Korea has been anything but communicative in testing ballistic missiles in recent months. With uncharted testing starting in February and sanctions from countries such as the U.S., Russia, and China vamping up in March, many wonder what the plan is with the influx in defense and nuclear weaponry for North Korea. Some may believe that the North Korean leader is taking advantage of a low point; with the UN occupied and divided on conflicts in Ukraine, Kim may be exploiting a favorable environment and pushing ahead with its weapons program.

A range of red flags got raised when hearing what was being thrust upon the people of North Korea. While addressing his people, Kim made it seem as though he was preparing his country for the worst. “In preparation for the turbulent political and military situation and all kinds of crises in the future… we will further increase our nuclear force at the highest possible speed.” Adding that while the primary role of the country’s nuclear weapons was as a deterrent, they could get deployed if North Korea’s “fundamental interests” get attacked.

This warning was sure to shake the nation; juxtaposing the fear were the heavy artillery weapons such as rocket launchers and prototype tanks, the newest ballistic missile, and tens of thousands of troops shouting “Long life!” to Kim Jong Un.

Critics of Kim have tried rationalizing the actions taken out all through these past six months but couldn’t land on just one motivator, rather two. Deputy spokesperson Won Il-hee told a briefing, “The parade proved that North Korea has outwardly called for peace and dialogue over the last five years, but in reality, it focused on developing the means to threaten not only the Korean peninsula but Northeast Asia and the world peace.”

 Others took the speech as an indirect address to South Korea as an intimidation attempt, claiming that he broadly indicated nuclear use would be used pre-emotively, not only when the country is under attack but also in any circumstances that, in Kim’s words, “violate the fundamental interests of our state,”

North Korea has said it is open to diplomacy but has rejected the U.S.’s preludes as insincere and criticized “hostile policies” such as sanctions and joint military exercises with the South.



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