Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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NFL extend Rooney Rule; include women, incentivize POC on staff

In an effort to gain more inclusion in the National Football League, Monday night seemed to be a potential step in the right direction for each NFL organization.

The Rooney Rule has extended to the next NFL season but is back with a twist.

The rule was made to require teams to interview at least one person of color per job vacancy, as a response to the unceremonious firings of both Tony Dungy and Dennis Green.

The rule has taken its course over the past 2 decades, much to the chagrin of many aspiring black coaches.

Following the issues of current Steelers assistant Brian Flores and the influx of prominent females within the sport, the National Football League extend the rule to not only interview women but to hire at least one minority assistant.

Alongside the rule, officials must do in-person meetings, eliminating the possibility of zoom meetings only for minorities.

Each team will be offered incentives for representation, as it is reported to have reimbursement attached for the hire in “a league-wide fund that will contribute toward the head coach’s salary for up to two years” according to a statement by United Press International.

The rule is set to eliminate situations that persisted earlier this year with the aforementioned Flores, in-of-which ended with a filed lawsuit against the NFL, as he alleged racist hiring practices.

To continue the change, Commissioner Goodell and the league office announced a new “Diversity Advisory Committee” with the intent of evaluating “league and club diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and initiatives” with “comprehensive recommendations” to league representatives.

The rule is set to be in place ahead of the 2022 season.



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