Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Abramovich, Ukrainian Peace Negotiators fall ill at Peace Talks; speculate poisoning

First reported by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, along with a noted two Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning after a meeting in Kyiv earlier this month.

They were said to develop symptoms that included “eye and skin inflammation and piercing pain in the eyes”, according to the investigative journalism group Bellingcat.

One of the negotiators alongside the Russian oligarch was Crimean lawmaker Rustem Umerov, who, like Abramovich has since recovered, but not without a revelation.

Representatives close to them believe the poison is linked to hardliners from Moscow who do not want the war in Ukraine to end.

Russia first set foot in Ukraine a month ago, starting a chain of events that led to Abramovich, primed to sell his football club, to be sanctioned by the UK government for his alleged ties to Russian President, Vladamir Putin.

Abramovich has since been seen in the public eye, appearing a week after the poisoning at a Tel Aviv airport on March 14th.

Through the story, was revealed that he, acted as a broker between Russia and Ukraine, but has since been distributed to the respective counties’ negotiating teams.

The teams will meet in-person tomorrow in Istanbul to discuss terms of peace, potentially ending the divide.



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