Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Work shuts down at ship-breaker yards as Turkish workers go on strike

Work has stopped at 22 facilities as Turkish workers at ship-breaker yards reportedly went on strike, calling for increased wages and an improvement in their working conditions.

According to the group NGO Shipbreaking Platform, about 1,500 workers protested outside the offices of the Ship Recycler’s Association and at individual shipyards. They reportedly marched to the yards blocking the roads and shouting for better wages.

Workers have demanded higher wages, and for their employers to provide them with personal protective equipment.

They have also called for raises every six months when there’s inflation, overtime pay on holidays, paid leave, no more docking their pay for days when weather conditions prevent work, protection for all the strikers, secure and decent working conditions, and improved social facilities.

In Turkey, the price of electricity went up 50 percent for users in January. The price also doubled for businesses and industrial sites. The overall cost of living in the country has also increased significantly, and thousands of Turkish citizens have reportedly been protesting.



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