Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Winter Olympics 2022: Valieva gets 4th place, US dealt heavy losses

The Winter Olympics is coming to a close this Sunday. And as the countries cement their place atop the ranks, the biggest storylines lie beyond the medals.

A happy end? Russia takes home gold
With skeptics and supporters onlooking, Russia’s Kamila Valieva, the 15-year-old stumbled on her final set en route to a 4th place bid.

Valieva, who was excused by the Court of Arbitration for Sports following her failed drug test, missed out on a singles medal, scoring 224.09 overall.

Not to worry for Team Russia though, as, with a total score of 255.95, Valieva’s teammate Anna Shcerbakova took home the gold. Alexandra Trusova, also from Russia, took silver, as Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto took bronze.

With a very tumultuous crowd seemingly directed at Valieva, Shcerbakova took to the press following her gold-medal win. The 17-year-old was happy for her successes, yet wary of the upstart Valieva, who struggled to repeat the triple-quad jump she had performed to perfection in the team events.

Team Canada’s Redemption
Canada’s Hockey team redeems themselves from their 2018 Gold medal loss, gets gold in a 3-2 rout vs the USA.

The game’s turnout was a surprise by many, with USA’s history against the gold-medalists, as well as the 2 consecutive shutouts leading to their eventual loss.

Great Britain rises
The US also took a big hit in curling, as after jumping to a 2-0 lead, Great Britain came back to beat the American team 6-4.

Great Britain ends the back-to-back gold medalist opportunities, as, after the semi-final loss, John Shuster and company will have to look to the bronze medal game, while the victors, will be assured their 1st medal in the Olympic games thus far.

As it Stands…

Currently, Norway is leading in both gold (14) and total medals with 29 overall. Germany is next with 10 gold with 22 overall. The US is not far behind with 8 gold medals and 21 overall.



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