Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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United star loses sponsorship after arrest

A dark cloud is cast on Manchester United, as Mason Greenwood has lost his Nike sponsorship following his public arrest.

Last week, it was reported that the forward was arrested on allegations of “rape, assault, and threats to kill” an 18-year old woman. The allegations involved photographic evidence of the crime online, leading to the arrest.

Nike, who previously suspended the sponsorship, released a statement officially cutting ties with Greenwood, stating: “Mason Greenwood is no longer a Nike athlete.”

His team and EA Sports have each already cut ties with the matter. On one end, the team stated the 20-year-old would not return to training or matches until further notice. On the other, the game developers did away with his likeness, entirely.

He was placed in custody for 72-hours, being questioned regarding the events.

He had been placed on bail by the Greater Manchester Police. Since the events, the forward reportedly spent money on security as the investigation continues.



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