Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Olympic official calls out claims of forced labor

As the drama is ensuing in the games, outside of it spells controversy.

Yan Jiarong, a representative for Beijing’s Olympic committee was the center of attention following comments made on behalf of China.

Confronted with the politics regarding if Taiwan, competing as Chinese Taipei, will be appearing at the closing ceremony, Jiarong promptly downplayed the notion.

Jiarong explained Taiwan, a self-governed democratic state, is Chinese Territory, and in turn, under their banner.

Later on, the topic of apparel came up concerning China’s Xinjiang region, a region alleged to have forced labor, was tackled by the spokesperson, who stated:

“The so-called forced labor in Xinjiang is lies made up by deliberate groups.”

A newsworthy situation on both fronts, as China’s plea to citizens to not insight “any behavior or speech that is against the Olympic spirit,” citing specifically speaking out on “Chinese laws and regulations,” as “subject to certain punishment.”

As the Olympics’ end nears, the questions loom now more than ever on the transparency with the skeptics, and the Olympic hosts as a whole.



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