Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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A Place To Go: Toyama Bay, Japan


being in a place where you have no idea what’s going on. Imagine your feet on the soft shoreline of the glowing water. You finally find silence in your head for once in your life. The breathtaking scene is set at Toyama Bay in Japan. 

Toyama, Japan has a uniquely large coastline with mountains as its backdrop and much of its terrain. The town is home to tradition, where traditional farmhouses stay hidden away, tucked deeply in mountain villages. Toyama is known for its dazzling train rides that cut across the Japanese Alps and also is home to one of the country’s deepest gorges. However, the most beautiful feature to savor is Toyama Bay. 

Toyama Bay ia a bioluminsecent lake. Most bioluminescent lakes glow as a chemical response from red algae being emitted into the water, but this is not the case for Toyama Bay. Toyama Bay is home to a special type of squid known as the Firefly Squid. Each squid grows to approximately three inches, with special light-producing organs known as Photo VARS to emit a deep blue color to be echoed through the water at night. Usually, Firefly Squids live 1200 ft underwater, however, the waves in the Toyama Bay force the squids to come up to the surface where they are fished. In Japan, Firefly squid is also considered a delicacy. 

The mating season for the squid rests from March into June, the same time as when they get fished. Millions of squid come together in these months to fertilize and drop their eggs in Toyama Bay. The squid reunion is what dares many tourists to this beautifully peaceful area of Japan. It will take your breath away.

Next time you need a fix for adventure, I’ll always have a place to go. 



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