Friday, June 2, 2023

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Winter Olympics: Privacy concerns for My2022 app required for Olympic athletes

Athletes, journalists, and audience members will utilize the My2022 app to track Covid on a daily basis. File transfers, voice chats, and Olympic news will all be available through the app. 

Questions concerning the app have surfaced as a result of the increase in security alerts for tourists ahead of the Games, which begin on February 4th. Many of those questions and concerns have been disregarded by China. However, Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity firm, claims that many of the app’s files are not encrypted. According to the research, the app has a “censorship terms” list as well as a function that allows users to identify other “politically sensitive” expressions. The list of words included the names of Chinese leaders and government agencies, as well as references to the 1989 killing of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, and the religious group Falun Gong, which is banned in China. 

Foreign visitors are expected to upload sensitive information already submitted to the Chinese government like passport details and travel and medical histories.  All visitors to the Games are required to download the app 14 days prior to their departure for China and use it to record daily their Covid status. According to Internet 2.0, a cyber security group, people attending the Beijing Olympics should pack burner phones and set up email accounts during their stay in China.  Athletes in some countries have also been advised to leave their main devices at home, according to reports. Earlier today the International Olympic Committee has acknowledged the concerns about the Chinese My 2022 smartphone app for Olympic Games participants by furthering what the world already knew. They stated the issue has been independently assessed by two cybersecurity testing organizations and found to have “no critical vulnerabilities.” Athletes attending this year’s Olympic Games will be given new smartphones from their IOC partner, Samsung. The BSI (British Standards Institution) is suggesting you download the my2022 app on the given devices in China and un-installing it once you get home.



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