Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Student opens fire at Heidelberg University

An 18-year-old student opened fire on his classmates, Monday afternoon. The shooting happened at Heidelberg University, Located south of Frankfurt, Germany. The shooter has yet to be named and had no record prior to his actions that took place on Monday. German Police believe that the shooter had at least two or more guns with him at the time of the shooting and are almost certain that he was working alone. Police chief Siegfried Kollmar said the gunman had 100 spare bullets in his backpack, but it was unclear why he had stopped shooting. Witnesses said he appeared to have no political or religious motivations.

 Upon the attackers’ entry, four people were shot. The shooter used a double-barrel shotgun on his victims.  One student was fatally wounded, she was  23-years-old and died mid-day on Monday. The other victims suffered lesser injuries prior to the shooter committing suicide. The police chief said 29 witnesses in the lecture hall had told officers “…only one person went in, shot and went out, and no one else was seen”. 

A police spokesman told Reuters earlier on Monday the gunman fled the lecture hall before turning the gun on himself. The crime scene at Neuenheimer Feld was cordoned off, with a large deployment of police and emergency services on the scene.



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