Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Prince Andrew’s social media accounts shut down and set to private after he is stripped of military titles

Following the failure of Prince Andrew’s lawyers to persuade a U.S. judge to dismiss Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against the Duke of York, over 150 veterans signed a petition requesting that he be stripped of his military titles and patronages. The Duke’s association with the now-infamous Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell duo put him in hot water twice as both of their U.S. trials overflowed into both his personal and professional life.

This past Friday, Buckingham Palace satisfied their veterans as the queen stripped her son of his ‘HRH’ and military titles. However, for a twist, it seems that this week Andrew has either deleted or made private all of his social media accounts. His YouTube channel is no longer searchable, his Twitter account seems to have been deleted from the platform entirely and his Instagram page @hrhthedukeofyork is also now private, but with ‘HRH’ still included in the handle. There seems to be somewhat of a correlation between the judge’s decision to go to court, his stripping of titles, and his considerably prompt action to disappear from social media.

Since the presumed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the world has seemed grimmer to some. Seeing world leaders associated with Epstein and his private jet get treated just as they were before any accusations came flying their way has left many frustrated and afraid. However, many stand to see that the formerly known Duke of York has faced the most scrutiny out of all others associated with Epstein in the public eyes.

After the conclusion of the Ghislaine Maxwell case, Andrew has been seen on newsstands all over the world as his accuser, Virginia Giuffre repeatedly attempted to take him to civil court. It seems as though he’s being made an example of. Andrew’s council rebutted continuously until a U.S. judge shut every single one down. First, Andrew tried to claim that his alleged victim was not an American citizen by claiming she lived in Australia. His council went as far as to request proof of citizenship papers. When the judge overturned such an attempt they concocted another defense. Ms.Giuffre had signed a contract with Jefferey Epstein where she was awarded $500,000 if she no longer sought out both Epstein and her past abusers. When Andrew Brettler, the former Princes council, confronted the court with said documents their straw grasping had come to an end. The U.S. court has concluded that the former Prince will have to face his accuser in civil court.



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